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Wall cladding is a type of decorative covering used on building exteriors. Though usually non-structural in nature, it may be functional as well, and include a degree of water-proofing, a barrier against the wind, or other protections. Cladding can take a number of different forms, be made from many different materials, and is often used to create a decorative building facade. Some of the popular materials for it include various metals, stone, and composite sidings.


Natural Stone as main material of wall cladding is getting more and more popular around the world, it is very durable and can protect the beneath covering against moisture and foreign elements. It is nonstructural material used as the exterior covering of walls. Above all, it adds natural beauty of stone to architecture.


Exterior Cladding

Wall cladding serves both an aesthetic and a functional purpose when installed on the exterior of the home.  Materials and colors are often selected to give the home a specific look, or to complement the architectural design of a building.  Cladding also protects the home from rain, wind and other weather-related elements.  It helps to keep moisture and mold from penetrating the walls, and often provides some level of insulation against thermal transfer and air leaks.


Decorative Interior Cladding

One other type of wall cladding not used for weather protection or insulation value is decorative cladding used to add texture, color and decoration to a building's interior.  For Example, this may come in the form of a solid brick, marble or mosaic wall or an ornate cornice.




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