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Synthetic Grass

Go green and save green, best of all its environmentally friendly. No more mowing, watering or fertilizing! Eliminate the need for pesticides or harmful weed killing chemical that go into the earth. Reduce and save our precious water supply by eliminating the need to water your lawn. Say goodbye to the monthly expense of needing to cut the grass. Have kids? No more grass stains on clothing or muddy floors or shoes.


The Advantages of Synthetic Grass

  • Requires no water

  • Virtually maintenance-free

  • Fresh cut appearance

  • Needs no chemicals or fertilizer

  • Never needs mowing or insecticides

  • Clean and can be cleaned - Unlike mulch and shredded rubber

  • ADA/ABA compliant - Crutches won't sink in and wheelchairs roll

  • Safety - No more buried glass or other harmful objects

  • Lead Free

  • Provides excellent drainage

  • Recyclable components

  • Does not support stain or odor causing bacteria, mold or mildew


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