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Pool coping is defined as the edging that is placed around the top edge of the swimming pool.  It serves the dual purpose of protecting the pool structure from the surrounds and vice versa, and also protecting the outside parts of the pool from water damage.  However, while it is practical, it is still incredibly attractive and it is an essential part of the aesthetics of the pool.  The pool coping can be a standalone feature, much like garden edging, or it can be the part of the pool that ties the pool into the paved area.


Pool coping generally comes in two finishes for example – square edged (a straight down finish) or bull nose (where one or more edges are rounded to provide a softer finish).   Pool coping also comes in different materials. The most common include natural stone (limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, granite etc), slate pavers, clay pavers, and brick. These materials come in a range of colours and patterns and they can be easily sealed to prevent water from the pool causing damage or leaving water marks. A non slip coating is best as it will increase safety and reduce the risk of people slipping on the coping.


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