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Pavers are landscape elements laid on flat surfaces, most often made of stone or stone-derived materials.  Pavers are installed over a sand and/or crushed limestone base.  They are often laid out in interlocking patterns, sometimes randomly to create an artistic effect.  They are known to have a functional values as well as an aesthetic appeal, so you can add them as a finishing touch to complete your overall landscape projects.  Natural stone adds a random beauty that brick pavers don’t.

Also, natural stone pavers are the standard you can look to for durability. Some of these materials are among the hardest in the world for any application. For a permanent fixture to your landscape project, consider natural stone first.


Granite pavers are the choice to make if hardness is your priority, with a crystalline appearance that equals its hard-wearing surface.

Travertine pavers add an earthy beauty, and if you’re looking to add something of a Greco-Roman atmosphere to a landscape project, travertine is your clear choice. 

Slate pavers are the choice to make for extra slip-resistance, but they also add a range of color that makes for the visually striking landscape effect you’re after.


Pavers are elements you can add to a number of locations, including poolsides, paths, patios, driveways.

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