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Onyx Composition


Onyx is a mineral, like marble, granite or quartzite. It is part of the quartz mineral group and is a layered stone. Some of its layers may contrast. You may see an onyx in black and white parallel layers or in brown and white layers called sardonyx. Another type of Onyx is the carnelian onyx that is composed of red and white layers.


This natural stone has gorgeous, translucence, and different colors. The colors of Onyx are soft and sumptuous, almost delicate look. The light shades of golden honey, mint greens, and whirl browns will give you erotic feel. There are various bands or lines of complementary color running all thorough the stone contributing to its exclusive color characteristics.   Onyx is an image feast for the eyes.   


Onyx, similar to marble, could be completed with a polished surface. This is a silken and reflective base finish that deepens the color and contrasts within the stone. It could also be completed to a honed surface finish that is a dull like low sheen finish. It's not reflective and glossy like a polished finish. 


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