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Floor Medallions are a classic symbol of luxury and sophistication and are generally a centerpiece of flooring design that can be made with various flooring materials, including natural stone, wood, metal, tile, glass or a variety of other materials suitable for flooring. The pattern can be created using various methods such as mosaic, intarsia, and marquetry.

Floor medallions are often found in entryways or other large, open spaces - places where they're free to make an impression.  They are usually circular in design and act as a centerpiece in a room.  


​It is maybe no surprise that floor medallions have found new life in luxury master bathrooms.  After all, high end bathroom desigh has catapulted to the top of most homeowner's must-have and to-do-lists, and as in entryways, there is nothing in the middle of a large bathroom floor to cover up a beautiful medallion.  Paired with a matching marble floor, even a small or simple floor medallion creates a gorgeous, classical look that lends immediate sophistication and elegance to a traditional bathroom design.



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