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Listellos are border or trim pieces and are usually rectangular shaped.


"Listello" means "thin strip" in Italian; listello tiles, also called decorative border, listel or "deco" pieces, are design-specific tiles used to accent a particular "field" or main tile selection. Like murals, liners and patterns, listellos are installed within field tile on kitchen back splashes, showers and flooring, adding pizazz and an extra wow factor to even an ordinary tile installation.


Listellos are a great way to add color and interest to a room without overwhelming the whole space with a single design. Your can run a listello across the backsplash in your kitchen and surround it with plain stone or mosaics. Listellos can be used as unique stair risers, living room flooring borders, and wall caps for powder rooms or the entryway.

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